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Traveling from karachi to pasu


We are on our way to the airport and are going from Karachi to Islamabad and have quite along adventure planned ahead. The heart doesn’t feel like leaving Karachi as today since we are leaving from Karachi, it was hot and the weather today is wonderful. This time Ahsan will have his own vlogging camera so high quality will be provided to you. (indistinct dialogue) Thank you. We have the boarding pass as well, this one. I sent the car a few days earlier to Islamabad, to my friend Amaar. We are going to take a round of Northern Pakistan. On one side Amaar’s music video will be made and on the second side of this blog. Have one last work in Islamabadbefore the long drive. The visit to the More. Oh! Mi Mix 2 is also kept here. Took the toys from Mi and put them in the bag. Oh yes, what all is in my bag? Vide. The car USB charger. OSMO mobile. SONY’s 100 to 400 G-Master Lens. Zero one point eight X teleconverter. And for vlogging a wired lens. I was about to take along my GoPro kit but XIAOMI gave me a 4K Action Cam. So this time action cam’s complete footage has been made by this camera. In the drone my SingleCrash Survivor Mega Pro. For editing and back up MacBook Pro. Camera batteries. For storage SD cards. Mi’s sphere camera kit. Hi-fi Quick Nova. Where we are going there is no electricity there, so solar panels are necessary for charging. I am a Mi fan. One Amazefit Pace to track the hikes. Meaning if there is a screwdriver kit then it should be this sexy. 20000 mAH Power Bank with USB C charger. Meaning my MacBook Pro can also get charged with it. And this phone for which I have been waiting for since when. For the journey coming ahead, this moto is very appropriate for it. Full bezel-less screen, meaning no notch. If you don’t know Xiaomi’s first Mi Mix started this trend of bezel-less. The official distributors of Mi in Pakistan is Smart Link Technologies. Thank you, Mi. So, friends, it’s 4 am in the morning and we all have woken up. And Amaar as you can see is very excited. Naveed is taking along his bitch.I don’t think you’ll feel cold there. As this big sweater you from nature’s side. And right when it stops dripping pull it out and then put this inside. So Naveed is Amaar’s roommate and he’s taken the better coffee maker and he’s leaving the shitty one behind. I’m going for a year in the mountains at least I can get good coffee right. They have decided they will live for a year in complete wilderness. Well, our plan is only for 10 days. -Ahsan ready?-Ready. When the Babusar Top route is closed then you have to take the long route from Karakoram Highway. Takes 18 hours. He didn’t take the toll card, we are going on the motorway. Now where we get off the motorway we will have to pay a fine, Ahsanwill pay from his pocket. He just showed eyes to the guy and drove by. -Brother I’m not going to give it.-Why you won’t give it? VIP. This is a small car if we may take a big car, what will you do then? -Then I will fly it in the air.-Fly it in the air. Until the cars that fly in the air aren’t made till then we will be giving these tolls to move about on the ground. (indistinct dialogue) This is where we are right now. Besham Mengal Hotel. The evening never comes here. It’s Amaar Farooqui’sturn to drive the car. And I will sit in the back, the air circulation isn’t working properly. Is there any system from which the air circulation gets better? The system does circulation as well and also filters the air so nicely that even foreign women don’t come to know when I fart. Friends, it’s been 12 hours of traveling.Six hours Ahsan drove and it’s been approximately six hours that Amaar has been driving. My turn is about to come then all these accessories will be removed.Currently, the road is so bad here that my head is going everywhere and I may hurt myself so this is cushioning. This is called unconscience man. Dude show me your watch? I know about that. To drive on these sorts of roads it’s necessary to have a 4×4. There is a landslide in Dassu. There is no landslide, they’re constructing. Okay. Uncle Naveed is right. They are constructing. Saw a Chinese contractor. Was looking at us side-eyed. I hope he makes the situation of our country better. We don’t. We’ll find out.Maybe half an hour. How do you know? Maybe half an hour. Half hour. Totally there were three road blocks due to which 18 hours of traveling went to 22 hours of traveling. We are moving now from a warm place to a colder place. Small small stones showered on our car while we drove by. Whenever a check post comes so Annie has to act as if she is a local. Hi. Is she looking like a Pakistani? This is our friend Anastasia Scherovic. How was that again? Anastasia Scherovic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that. Anastasia Scherovic. It’s necessary to cross Chilas before sunset as that is a dangerous area. We are not getting much time to stop. We have stopped for diesel. The next day Ukhano came and we left. Checked the roads here. See this. The result of the Mi action camera is right in front of you. Assalam Alaikum today we are going to Khunjerab. So now a check post comes and now I have seen Markhor, which I really don’t know anything about? Butare very tasty and are too many– Markhor are goats. -They’re goats?-Yes, they’re goats. Yes, but they are very delicious. Yes, they’re delicious, have some if you want to.

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