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Travel To Geneva


We are going to Geneva Hahaha We are in Geneva now Behind me is Lake Geneva We are taking a stroll around Geneva lake Probably this is one of the biggest fountains in the world. It is a nice place The United Nations building is a big attraction Let us fill the petrol tank first. The system here is different I will explain it to you We are going to visit Geneva and have a look at the city. We will see the United Nations building there From Geneva, we will again proceed to France We decided to go to Geneva because it is the second-most populous city after Zurich in Switzerland French is the official language of Geneva Our advantage is that we have two French speakers with us – Abhilasha and Colette Geneva is very close to French border So there are many reasons to visit Geneva Before we reach Geneva, let me give you some interesting facts. Geneva city’s population is around two hundred thousand and almost 50% of them are foreign nationals. It is an expensive city. It is considered to be among the top 10 costliest cities in the world. In just a few minutes we will pass through a checkpoint. Let’s see if we are subjected to any checks Now we are on the border of France and Switzerland. We are about to enter Geneva now. Let’s see if they ask something on the checkpoint They have allowed us to enter The police didn’t ask us anything The found us harmless and safe, Haha This is because they looked at Colette and our car number which has a French number plate Because of the current atmosphere in the world they could have stopped us but they did not. Now we are in Switzerland. We have entered Geneva. The bus alongside us is from Romania Now we are inside the city of Geneva We have crossed the French border. Welcome to Switzerland once again Now we are inside Geneva and plan to explore the city. We have a car with us which makes it very comfortable to explore We will explore the lanes and streets of Geneva We will also shoot a bit. Papa, Can I shoot? Most of the European cities look the same. The look is not very different. The difference is very minute Be it France or Switzerland or Italy or Germany There are a lot of Indians in Geneva The look of the cities is not very different. That is why it is very difficult to point out the difference between cities Maybe a bit of culture and language is the major distinguisher between them. Geneva is a historic city. It is very important. What happened? Why are you laughing? The lake is on the left. Are we going towards the lake? That’s a major attraction. What about the UN building? Papa Papa Papa, why don’t you allow me to shoot? Yes, Ariana, you will also shoot. Let us first get down Look this is Lake Geneva. It is very popular I want to get down now The buses here run on electricity The parking ticket is valid for 1 hr 30 mins i.e till 3 pm So finally on our Switzerland tour we have also reached Geneva. Behind me is the Lake Geneva That huge fountain behind me is called Jet Deau fountain Jet is a fountain of water. Jet deau… Geneva is not a huge city. It’s a pretty small city. This lake is so beautiful. There are many people who have private yachts. They park it here. Many tourists enjoy sailing The fountain behind me is probably on of the biggest fountains in the world. I have never seen such a huge fountain before. You can also find a toy train near the lake Tourists enjoy these rides around the lake It is a nice place. It is peaceful. I am feeling really good in Geneva. We have come this way We are searching for the flower clock. There is a huge flower clock here. Look, he is making a sketch. Like the London Eye, Geneva also has a Geneva Eye. It is to attract tourists so that they could enjoy Because of it’s proximity to the lake, it also gives a good view of the city to the tourists. Now we can the United Nations building in front of us This is the UN building. This is the United Nations building in Geneva. It’s an important building for the whole world. Right behind me the UN office building. This square just opposite the UN building is crowded by the tourists. You can see tourists behind me Everybody wants to have a look at the UN building. This is the main attraction. Though it is just a building and you are not allowed to enter or do anything in the building but.. it gives a photo opportunity to the tourists That is why this square becomes an important place for the tourists in Geneva This is the WTO building Geneva has many important official buildings. I remember the health organization’s building is also on this road on the left-hand side If you like the video please subscribe to our channel and like and share them. Please encourage us.

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