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Travel Guide To Egypt


Morning! You are so late! You said – – 8:30! You said 8:30! It’s 10:00. That’s Egyptian time. ALI: This Siwi time, desert time. Even more? How are you? This is Ali, he is showing me around a bit of Siwa today. Look where we are right now! Look at this! Where even am I right now? What! This is a salt lake. And those, that – is all salt behind me! What! Some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen! Everything here is salt. This is salt, I’m standing on salt. And you can actually swim in here. It’s pretty cold, so I don’t know if I want to swim. But maybe! Ali, this place is amazing. What do you think? ALI: This water will make you float. You don’t need to swim. Oh, yeah because of so much salt!- Yeah. Salt just discovered in Siwa now 6 – 7 years (ago). We cultivate how much salt remaining, (it will last) for hundreds of years. Below this lake, it’s about 8 billion tons of salt. Eight BILLION?- Yes. And these salts, every 4 – 6 months create itself again. What?! ALI: The salt growing by itself. This is Cleopatra Hot Springs. I’m not going in to swim, but a lot of people swim here. You can actually see the bubbles coming up from underneath the water, which is very very clear. I think Ali is going to have some tea with his friends here, so I guess I’ll have some tea as well. Look how nice this place is! Who wouldn’t want to have tea here? The springs are just over there. This called Abu Sharif Spring. Natural water source, And it’s useless. Nobody using it. Siwa has an excess of water, unlike the rest of Egypt. So you see the water right over here, just flowing into the ground. No one’s even using it. Driving farther out into the salt flats, salt MINES – to find more salt lakes. Everything here is just stunning! Look. And Ali says that sometimes the salt lakes turn pink, which I would love to see. So we’re searching for one of those new, but so far the bright blue ones are perfectly beautiful! Look how beautiful this is! Actually the water here was turning pink. And then I got the camera, and it’s gone. It’s a little bit pink, I’ll show you. Now, Ali has taken me to a small abandoned village 40 kilometers outside of Siwa. No one lives here anymore.How old is this village, Ali? This village now, more than 100 years. How old? More than 100. And the people left now from here 20 – 30 years. But this building is ancient. These are ancient buildings? These, the ones you are standing inside, these stones, this is ancient or Roman. Roman?!- Yeah! This is a temple.- What! You can see the entrance of this door, this design. This is from the ancient Egyptians. What…- Yep. And then the Siwi come and build the village on top of it. Okay, so it’s ancient with Siwi buildings on top of it. Wow! This is the advantage of coming with a friend that is local because this isn’t a place that tours go or tourists really know about. Here we have a palm tree that did something very strange! Normally trees go up, right? Well, this one started growing there… and then It grew… and went back into the ground, and came out. And no one knows why! Ali has a motorcycle! (laughing) Let’s go! Yallah Bina! Heading back from the day out. Where are you, Ali? What are we doing now? ALI: Now we are going to a… funeral. We’re going to go to the Easterner graveyard. To do the traditional thing for the funeral. One guy died and going to go say sorry to his family. And it’s a tradition that all the men in the town have to go, and say this? Yes. So I’m in the car now, alone.Ali and his friends went to pay the respects to the family whose family member has just passed away. Apparently women are not allowed at this funeral. There’s a separate funeral for women, held inside the house, that all the women go to. And then all of the men come here because in Siwan culture the women are really not even seen. It’s extremely rare to see one in the street. If you see one in this video, it is an Egyptian woman, not a Siwan woman. So it’s kind of acceptable for me to be here, because I’m a foreigner, even though I am a woman. But I cannot get out of the car, because this is like, kind of just the men’s funeral. So um, I am staying here in the car. And there are so many people here because again, Every single man in the town has to come and pay respects to the family. So everyone is coming, and I guess they just shake the hand of the family members And then they leave. At the very least. But the family members will stay here for 3 nights apparently, is the tradition. It’s kind of like a party that goes for 3 nights. So yeah, this is a part of Siwan culture that definitely isn’t included on the tour! So yeah it’s just pretty cool. Today, it wasn’t like a tour guide or anything. Ali is just my friend, and he just took me around To some places that he knows of in Siwa, that are not touristy at all. So awesome day around Siwa! Hope you guys enjoyed, and thank you for watching! And see you next time, somewhere in Egypt – not a funeral! But somewhere else in Egypt. Bye! Say bye to Ali!- Bye! And see you again soon.- Yes, Inshallah. Inshallah.

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