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Tour To Iran


Today I’m in Kyiv Ukraine had a layover here last night But I’m just about to grab an uber head to the airport and fly to Iran guys So super excited go to Iran and watch to go to around for the longest amount of time And today I finally get to realize that dream That’s what I’m talking about so let’s get out of the snowy cave and head it to the Middle East Made it through Security now. I’ve got a like a five-hour wait because there was horizontal snow in Kyiv It’s the perfect texture for running a very low impact on its dry snows your if you don’t get wet appreciate you guys talking with us Warm. All right. Thanks. We’ve seen a lot of people out here Like you said running letting just enjoying it my flights leaving at 8:00 p.m. Tonight, and it gets to Iran at 1:00 or 5:00 in the morning, and then I think the visa process is pretty difficult once you get there So I’m not sure what to expect. It might be a very long night. It’s gonna be an interesting travel day Plane was delayed 45 minutes One Iranian eternity later, I just arrived and say around here and got a taxi driver It’s like I don’t know 2:30 or 3:00 right now. I’m not sure finally made it through the visa process and Got my lovely taxi driver images here And we’re gonna head to my hotel and I’m absolutely exhausted. So let’s do this What time did you start work today at one time to exceed 24 24 hours today here at sleep sleeping Okay, guys we have made it to Iran so far people are absolutely lovely 4:00 in the morning right now I’m completely insane because I’ve just been out for way too long and used way too many modes of transport and when that happens Your mind just perfect Friday try keep the short and then we’ll get up. I have a nap Well firstly I’ll sleep and then I’ll get up and then we’ll go explore in this video and I will see you in about Three two. Good morning a run All right guys, it’s the following morning I am currently on the streets just feeling it out I’m gonna go for a huge walk today. I’ve got my pedometer on at the end of the day We’ll see how far we walked gonna get a feel for it to see what it’s like filming in public.


I’m not too sure yet But I’m heading to this big tower that has Incredible views around the whole city, but as always arriving in a new country Just got to feel it out this way to do that. Let’s go for a walk All right guys already I’ve realized that the traffic is pretty hectic I kind of let you through but some kind of aim for you So let’s cross the road now and I’ll show you what I’m talking about So I just followed the locals there sir always the best way it’s kind of like Egypt in a way pretty similar traffic I guess Hectic Alright guys So so far really good impressions people are really friendly here Like people saying hello and things Iranian people don’t consider themselves Arabs they consider themselves Persians. So that’s an important distinction to make and they don’t speak Arabic here. They speak Persian so different language altogether Interesting, so we’re going to carry on walking see what else we can come across people don’t seem to mind the camera so far pretty Good keep on developing these first impressions After filming that last clip I bumped into a young man called a man who was offering to teach people English We had a conversation which I filmed that sadly part of the audio file was corrupted, However, I did manage to catch the end of the interactions audio.


So here it is Lovely. Alright nice to meet you, and that should meet you all I see you around. Have a good day Would you like to come to Iran again? Yeah, yeah. Definitely. I just got here, but I’ll be back already I’m just going to the tower the LED power In our tower. Yeah. Yeah, you can go to a minute our from Taxing I want to research I’m walking I’m walking. Yeah, and then I meet people you know, yeah, I Say obviously you can see such nice people. It’s incredible So yeah, I’m gonna keep walking he said that I should get a taxi so I guess that means it’s pretty far, but we’ll see how we go to the tower and Yeah if you’re interested about money Accommodation prices to exchange rates. I’ll share that at the end of the video when I’m back at the hotel, but for now, we’ll explore All right guys, I’m pretty hungry so I decided I’m gonna find a restaurant and see what we can eat not quite sure what I’ve got here, but I got a huge pile of rice there’s no way I’m finishing this and These kinds of deep-fried vegetables. There’s like broccoli and aubergine and Onions with french fries. Yeah, there’s no way I’ll finish all of this looks delicious though So it was an extremely filling lunch anyway change of plans not walking to the tower now not sure if the audio is working Right now, I’m having serious order audio problems I think he might have heard it on that interview with that super nice guy that I met before who was going to teach me English So I’ve ordered basically the Iranian version of uber because they don’t have over here a guy’s gonna come pick me up and I found a shop that sells microphones for my camera so I’m gonna head out that way and see if I can get this replaced cuz I do not want it cutting out especially talking to locals Because you never really get those moments again. So I’m gonna go and get my microphone sorted out and see how time goes after that Hello One Iranian eternity later. Thank you, all right guys so I just jumped in a taxi and I just spent like two hours and that Microphone shop met the coolest people what I had to do to get to this with this microphone was pretty extreme though So because of the sanctions that have happened because the US sanctions have been put on to Iran the prices That are linked to the US dollar.


So especially things like electronics like this Fluctuate so much So sometimes they just have to stop selling them because they’re not sure How much to sell them for how much they’re worth in their own currency? and sadly today was one of those days so I hung around with this super cool young guy like he was just so over-the-top nice in a good way and I was like Is there any way that we can work out a way like I’m happy to pay a bit more to get the microphone you know cuz I really need it and He’s like one second. He goes and back and talk to the guy and we come to a price nine million Which is the local currency, the exchange rate that is on Google and on the Internet is not the same as the exchange rate That’s used here So this just creates the most confusing situation for a traveler? if you do convert the price on Google it comes out to 188 euros for this microphone in your at least cost 44 euros his friend comes over. He’s like no no, the Google price isn’t right and he told me it’s about 60 euros and it was correct because irenan changed 60 euros and it had enough money to pay for at 9 million. That’s the most I’ve ever paid for a microphone It’s a lot of money All jokes aside guys the service that I got from them was unreal I’ve connected with a couple of them to have some contacts here in Iran I’ve got like an hour left of sunset now because of this escapade So we are heading to the Malad tower, which is like one of the biggest Freestanding buildings in this area at least. Anyway, I’ll tell you more details when we get there interesting though, you know us sanctions Obviously a very negative thing they were telling me that the prices and the inflation is terrible because they’re getting paid the same amount But all the prices of everything is going up like things like food and cars and everything are going up But their salary is staying the same.


So life’s getting much much harder for everybody at the same time if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have had that interaction so you know these negative things they breed these positive moments and you know one little conversation for me with some locals is nothing but It was really lovely. Anyway enough rambling I’ll exchange more about the exchange rate later if I can even understand that because it’s the most confusing Currency I’ve ever come across in my travels. Even those guys are like, yeah, it’s ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense Anyway, we’ll carry on and go to this tower and hopefully get there before sunset and get some Smelly cat what are they feeding you? Alright guys, so you can see that’s the tower up ahead. I think I’m not gonna be allowed to take my tripod and either my microphone which is quite ironic after what I’ve just been through So I’m gonna put that in my bag and probably just carry the camera up there and if I can’t talk to the camera Up there if they’re tied on security. I have no idea But if they’re then I will try and get some cool shots Because it’s going to be a hell of a view and hopefully I get up Just before sunrise so we can watch the sun rises. The Sun is almost in England this could work out to be the worst timing or the best timing so Let’s see what happens Made it to the top and The Sun it’s about to sit in the distance. I’ll show you some shots from up here Looking down incredible these mountains over here like Oh capped mountains. Ok, Branson’s huge city Aaron day one in Iran. Let’s bring it on especially getting here at like what time to sleep? Let’s have a look at Salaam hello, Salaam, Salaam Alaykum cheese. Hello? Hello? Yeah, sure. Okay, okay We are back at the hotel I’ll explain the day in all the details and just a second But I thought I’d give you a quick tour of this hotel room and I’ll tell you how much it costs It’s a pretty good deal.


So I’ll show it to you and then I’ll explain the strangeness Related to accommodation in Iran. So check this outcome and I’ve got this little kind of living area and come through here and Nice little bathroom here disinfected toilet that’s what I like to see and shout out nice fresh towels and everything and then come through to where the magic doesn’t happen in here and That’s rather my makeup in the morning Just kidding. This is where I sleep. And that’s the view you saw this morning. So a B& B isn’t a thing here I think it’s band along with is not allowed here and then, you know you go into the social media websites that are banned like Facebook’s banned YouTube Alright guys, this hotel room cost 33 US dollars a night and if you ask me that’s a pretty good deal including breakfast this nice room here on the top floor like pretty central to the Main area of Tehran here soon as I can’t use Airbnb and I went into Chicago not sponsored It’s just the only way that I can find This is also like a spire or something. But this is one of the best deals I found in the whole city So you got like a sauna and some thermal pools or something? What’s included in the room price and breakfast Like I was saying private room like a little living area and a bathroom 33 USD can’t complain There’s also shops nearby and everything that you need and the staff Super kind the hotel does take your passport and hold on to it when you chicken, which I mean, I don’t really like but I guess that’s the way it is The exchange rate is the most confusing thing ever. I’m not gonna explain it today I’m gonna explain it tomorrow because I’m meeting a local tomorrow a local girl actually Well, aren’t you special we’re gonna meet up in the morning and talk meets at a cafe. And then we’re gonna go explore She’s gonna show me some cool places I kind of starting to get a rough idea of the exchange rate and like what all these zeros mean because wait one second let Me show you something. So I’m not sure if this is the biggest note I hope that’s focusing, but this is five hundred thousand But they have other names All you guys that have traveled here or local Iranian Czar yelling it at the screen, but it’s my first day Give me a break. I’ll explain it tomorrow. It’s five hundred thousand reals this note, but they say it in like 50 it’s so confusing. I seriously I’m just gonna perfect Friday explain it tomorrow. As I said, I talk to locals They’re like, yeah, it’s weird.


They drop the last air or something. I told you my microphone cost nine million The inflation is going up every day. They were explaining. He’s like, yeah nine million reals come back in a year That should buy you a coke And they said that that microphone would have cost half the price one year ago since the sanctions were put on him the political Games and stuff, but let’s not get into that topic I’ve got these notes here and I’ve gotten really I’m really ignorant about this at the moment and I Pretty sure I got scammed by a taxi driver before I’ve been using the app snap which is like the local uber I was talking about I’m gonna stick to that for now until  You know feel the system and the money because they’re not really sketchy Because they can be traced and not like this other guy who I’m pretty sure like a lot of money from me, not heaps But like I say the exchange rate on Google is different to the real exchange rate. And so It’s really a computer.


Yeah, you get the point tomorrow like I said I’m meeting a local gonna explore the city. And then the day after that guys I have this epic adventure planned twenty-two hour Train ride from Tehran here to the very south of the country keeping in mind that Iran is twice the size of France is a huge country almost a fifteen hundred kilometer train ride when to our Sleeping a cabin with four other random strangers all the way down to a city called Bandar Abbas Which is on the south coast and then I’m gonna try and go to some Iranian islands Yeah, right around his islands How cool is that? and then I’m gonna maybe try some other random stuff like hitchhiking up the coast really excited to be here and throwing myself into this country because Being here for a day. It’s already receiving me so well, and I’m receiving it Well as well anything that I’ve forgotten I will talk to you about it tomorrow Plenty more days here in Iran and then off to another country very close to around after that in case I don’t see Good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know what you thought in the comments section, Alright guys. Peace out. What time did you start work today? at one time take C24 time 24 hours Sleep sleeping No

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