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Tour to Azerbaijan


All right guys so I’m leaving Cabella today heading back to Baku. I just gotta go get a taxi I think it’s like a shared taxi kind of thing I can go down the road, but I can go this way and go down the riverbed. Try my luck Hopefully, I can get across the river somehow. There’s a bridge somewhere I think so. That’s the plan Good a bit of exercise for the morning there I will find you and I will kill you what a great way to start the day now, I’m gonna find the taxi. Okay, okay So And you the blogger plug it nice to meet you, what’s your name though Zelo So after some heavy but funny discussions and bartering with these character taxi men Managed to get the gin died here in the background. That’s no ladder, but It’ll do now. We just got to wait around for another person to show up I think and then we’ll be on the road I hope these guys are super funny To bosses they autumn chisel So I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now and nobody’s showing up to share the ride with me So I think I’m just gonna try my luck at hitchhiking cuz heaps of cars going fast But nobody wants to take this shared taxi. I think I’m going to try hich wish me luck Oh Okay, yeah, hey bunny – nobody has plenty much Hey guys, welcome to my hotel roof I’ve arrived in Baku got a hitchhike from those guys they were so nice I had to hitchhike for like two minutes before they picked me up Said in the back and use Google Translate to talk to each other and things we stopped in this little cafe area and they brought Me tea I want to show you this clip they told this guy and who I was and where I was from and he sang a song about like Nick from Zealandia of New Zealand so check this clip out Zealandia to Savalan Nick Dawson you are welcome You are the brave son of Zealandia you are bound to your own home you are a brave son of brave man Zealandia to Savalan Nick Dawson you are welcome I tried to get him a tip and the guys were like no no, no put him Anyway, I bought another drink three right at the end though Like did you pay like? upset that I paid and then they drove me the rest of the way and they were going left because they were going to Russia they were from Russia and so they had to turn off but they put me on a local bus there as you saw the clips and then Got into Baku got an uber for I think about $2 bus ride cost me 20 US cents if you were to include the uber and the bus ride under three US dollars for the Whole trip originally, it was gonna cost me like 10 or more which is still really reasonable.


Yeah. This is my hotel room It’s kind of random. It’s at like a sports facility. There’s a gym downstairs And then all these people playing sports Without any further ado, let’s head on to the next day morning So I am back in Hungary not very long though, but I’ll get onto that in a second I didn’t really give you much warning that I was leaving Azerbaijan, but it was a great action-packed trip in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan I’m just gonna put together some clips right now of the journey Just kind of like a little highlight reel then. I’ll explain a bit more about what’s going on and things like that So I hope you enjoyed that edit guys just kind of wrap everything together What a special trip that was starting in Kazakhstan and going across the Caspian Sea on a cargo ship and then exploring Azerbaijan and heading up into the mountains and then, you know meeting lots of cool people just before I move on I just want to talk about the sponsor of this video because today’s video has a sponsor and that Sponsor is Skillshare again Skillshare has sponsored this channel in the past and I think it’s a really good sponsor because this way I’m Offering you guys something as well in terms of providing like learning opportunities and things so if you don’t know Skillshare is an online learning community with Thousands of online classes basically anything to do with creativity and beyond you can learn filming editing Learn how to speak different languages. That’s what I covered in the last sponsored video from them But today specifically I’m gonna be promoting their editing classes.


I get a lot of questions about my editing. Don’t get me wrong It’s obviously not the best editing on YouTube you can learn a lot of the tricks and things that I use in my videos on Skillshare just little things like Transitions and learning how to use editing software things like that So today we have an opportunity for you guys and it’s two months free of the Premium Membership So you’ve really got nothing to lose if you’re one of the first 500 people that click the link below so make sure to click with that one and you can get two months free of the Premium Membership and you can get access to all these thousands of classes so you can learn a language you can learn to edit you can learn to film and many Many other things there are also business courses on here as well. If that’s something you’re into huge Thank you to skillshare as well because they support this channel big-time and they make these videos possible to keep coming as well So it’s raining right now as you can see in Hungary, but I am leaving in just a few days. I will do a video Specifically about what’s actually happening and go into a bit more detail Huge thank you to all the Kazakh viewers and all there as a bio johnny viewers and obviously everybody else Thank you so much for the support. The channel is growing really fast really close to a hundred thousand subscribers I don’t have any words about that guy I mean, it’s just and I’m so grateful for you guys for watching and constantly supporting and all the lovely comments You’re always leaving me any questions or anything drop them below about anything and I’ll do my best to answer them Thank you so much for your support and in case they don’t see you. Good afternoon. Good evening and good night

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