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Before reaching Interlaken, I took a small detour because I was getting this view from the road and I thought if I’m able to get a parking spot, why not stop and enjoy this view! I am Traveling Desi, and in this super laid back episode of the Swiss series, I will show you Interlaken along with some beautiful neighboring villages! Interlaken is somewhat a small village town in itself, but basically is a center point for the various beautiful villages, entertaining mountain activities, and daring outdoor activities, to explore which, people from all around the globe come to this beautiful region! And this is the reason I made Interlaken my base and stayed here for three nights because, in this city, all types of hotels, BNBs, holiday homes, and hostels are available in abundance! Maximum people come here by train either from Lucerne or Bern for which you can get a ticket on for 20 Franks or 1500 rupees. And during this hour and a half journey, the scenic routes this train takes they are breathtaking in every sense of the world! And can help you recover your money spent on the tickets! On my third night of the trip No more detours, no more stops, and I am going straight to Interlaken! I drove from Lucerne to my hostel in Interlaken. I chose the Backpackers villa hostel in Interlaken which I booked through for around 2000 rupees per night! The best part was, Free Parking !! Because this is the only city where I planned to stay for 3 nights! Finally, I am checked in my hostel in Interlaken! This is an amazing hostel, Backpackers hostel, And this is a 6-bed dorm! Plus my hostel had free parking, and I also used their paid laundry for 300 rupees! Now if you are a honeymoon couple for a full Swiss feel, you can try holiday homes in nearby villages which can cost around 8000 to 12000 per night. So I am outside a beautiful BNB house and behind me is the owner And I asked him, how much he usually charges what were the prices once again sir?Ummm, the cheapest is 140 Franks per night. And that’s during the peak season or off-season I have no peak and off-seasons, it’s always season! Its always the season !! It’s not that expensive, it remains the same throughout the year! These are homes owned by the local residents but they give out a room for rent to you guys and in Switzerland, this is one of the most preferred accommodations and so they are expensive from an average 2 or 3-star hotel! Does it have like, a similar level of occupancy in winters as well! Like when there’s a lot of snow? Yeah !, winter is business too, winter is nice here too. And what would you say your occupancy level is, how many people would you have? I have three rooms that I rent, and sometimes I have my family over so I don’t rent at all! But most of the time when you are renting the place, how occupied is it? Ummm, maximum I have 8 people, that’s the maximum I have! So, it’s not like huge!Okay, alright! And for a budget but private accommodation, you can get a bnb at for around 4000 to 7000 rupees per night! But as I always say, you can get full kitchen access in BNBs and hostels, where you can cook your own food, or can get some ready to eat meals and some salad from a supermarket you can save a lot of money! Right now I am preparing dinner, and the food is heating in the microwave. And a lot of people leave back some food that they haven’t used, and its kept over here, it’s free to use and you can use it in any of your meals! And my hostel also had a free food section, where guests leave their unused food for other people And surprisingly, I also found some lentils, rice, and spices as well probably left by an Indian family! The problem was, that I did not how to cook food, So I was dependent on ready to eat meals from Haldiram’s or MTR or rice and noodles! And breakfast was anyways free in this hostel! And another specialty! You can also get a free bus pass over here, included in the rent of the hostels or hotels which is valid for the entire duration of your stay, and you can take unlimited local bus journeys with it. Now that we are done with accommodation and food, let’s explore Interlaken! I am finally going to Lauterbrunnen village where I’ll park my car and start my next part of the journey after taking a series of cable cars and trains and will then reach an amazing mountain hilltop, From where the view is amazing, and you can see three main mountains of Switzerland from there. Interlaken is mainly that city, where people come leaving behind the hustle-bustle, nightlife, parties, and shopping of cities come to enjoy the natural beauty! And the most popular activities experienced here include mountain peak excursions and Swiss village tours! Interlaken has a mall road type street where you can have a meal in a classic Swiss restaurant and try some expensive but exquisite Swiss chocolates. Other than that, there is a beautiful church. And a casino where you can go for evening entertainment! And right in front of the casino is a statue of Yash Chopra weighing 350 kilos in Bronze ! and on this street itself, this scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was shot! But Interlaken has a lot of major mountain peaks a lot of which are accessible by an amazing network of cogwheel trains Like this most popular and expensive peak “Jungfrau”. or “Schilthorn” where you can go by a cable car or a high altitude funicular. And as it was a little more touristy and less natural, I left that peak for my second and third day . And on my first day, I planned on visiting some beautiful and historically preserved medieval villages To explore the rural way of life of Switzerland and its farming culture, these 2 villages near Interlaken are a very good option. The first of which is Gimmelwald and the second is Mürren. Both of them are mountain top villages and to reach them, you can either take a cable car or can hike up the mountain! You can start to explore these villages from another village town just half an hour away from Interlaken From Lauterbrunnen.You have reached your destination. You can reach Lauterbrunnen on a local train from Interlaken or a rented car like I did. And when you reach Lauterbrunnen, you’ll see a beautiful church and an amazing waterfall! And at the foothills of this waterfall and right in front of Lauterbrunnen station, You will see a cable car that will take you to Grütschalp. And from here, you can take a connecting cogwheel type train and go for a scenic ride to Mürren. But a train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, followed by a cable car and then a cogwheel train even though its very scenic, the combined ticket price is around 40 Franks and this is the total cost to reach these villages from such routes! And as this way is a little too touristy and commercial, I chose its alternate, a little less popular, a little cheaper, and relatively natural route! So instead of getting a cable car from Lauterbrunnen station, you can take a bus or drive yourself around 20 minutes ahead, to get to Stechelberg . from where you can hike to Gimmelwald at a height of 4500 feet,, followed by Mürren at a height of 5500 feet followed by a few more amazing stops, you can reach the top of Schilthorn mountain! Your ticket price depends onhow high do you want to go, For the fifth and last stop, i.e. Schilthorn mountain top, the ticket was for 105 Franks or 7000 rupees per person. But I first checked on the official website of the mountain top learned that the mountain top is completely cloudy and foggy. So I didn’t go to the top and bought a cable car ticket to Gimmelwald and Mürren. These tickets cost me 22 Franks i.e. around 1500 rupees and I got these from a counter in front of the bus stop. And I am taking the cable car straight towards Gimmelwald and onwards to Mürren And I am sitting with some Chinese men And I am at halfway of the cable car and from here you can take an exit for Gimmelwald village or you can go up to Mürren And I will be going to Gimmelwald first, as it is a historic and well-preserved village which is extremely beautiful, so Gimmelwald first, And after that, I’ll continue up there straight to Mürren. Now it’s important to know that if you have a Swiss pass from Interlaken to Schilthorn mountain top, all intercity trains, cable cars, cogwheel trains, etc everything, A to Z is included in the Swiss pass! Which in itself is an excursion of around 9000 rupees! So if you have the Swiss Pass and the weather is clear this experience is completely worth it! And even if you don’t have the Swiss pass, this journey is completely worth it for 105 Franks! As long as the weather is clear! But as I had a car, I had to pay only 300 rupees for parking and took a cable car ticket for the first two stops for 1500 rupees. As the weather was bad, I left my mountain excursions for Jungfrau and another peak! Which you’ll get to see from the next episode, as my first day in Interlaken and this episode is reserved for Swiss villages only. Now let’s get back to Gimmelwald! It looks like there haven’t been any major changes in these villages for centuries as soon as you enter it And this is also the charm of this tiny village! You cannot come here by road because there isn’t any! Out of all the farmers living in Gimmelwald, one of which owns this place they sell, fresh eggs and dairy products like cheese, and as they are not over here, they have left behind a note of self-service You can go inside their house, and purchase whatever you want be it eggs or cheese and can leave the money in a small money box! And we can also see how beautiful are these houses actually, I mean how do these Swiss farmers live in proper Swiss villages! Their wood stock! And their equipment and everything else! We won’t be intruding anyone’s privacy as this is someone’s house But you can always go and have a look in the kitchen area! And this village seems to be so lonely as only 150 people reside here! For which the main source of income is either tourism or farming! And then I was feeling thirsty so I stopped to drink some freshwater coming from the mountains Tastes good, feels good, Really cold !! And then I heard something ! And this was actually a local farmer, who said to me to be careful while drinking this water, I can grow upto 100 years old 😉 He also told me about his neighbors that live in these houses lived for around 95 to 105 years ! and that villager and BnB owner was this person! I am from India, Delhi!Delhi !! Well, that’s a little bit warmer than it is here! We are a bit warmer actually, that’s why I am totally enjoying the weather here! And everybody speaks about global warming and maybe it’s true! I just try to take some advantage of it, I just try to plant some more trees A little Vineyard! Ahaan, Nice! I already prepared the holes, I’m not sure it’ll work I’ll just give it a try, Perfect! I wish you the best of luck for that, Yeah, thank you! And enjoy the rest of your day, thanks a lot but bye! So as you can see, the locals are very friendly and the BNBs are really cool Should I ask him to show me his house form the inside? And I did, but before going inside, I noticed that these guys are prepared for winters for 12 complete months Would you mind if I have a look? How long have you been here in Gimmelwald? Since 85′!Nice! Its quite a while, quite a long time yeah! It’s pretty. Awww, this is so good! So this is 200 Franks! That’s right, 200 Franks, i.e. 15,000 rupees per night! Breakfast would be served out there, then we have balconies here, and on the other side too Do you include breakfast in the prices?No, Breakfast is an extra 20 more per person! And is it like something from here? Like cheese and fruits? Yeah, it’s usually a variety of things! People come from all corners of the world, so yeah! And we have the Swiss bell! That’s a pretty touch I would say! Now if you’re on a honeymoon, after exploring a few cities you can try a coffee with Swiss milk in this balcony! The owner told me that a lot of Indian honeymooners come here! And the huge price tag is because of its location itself! The only activity that Swiss people do the most is Hiking or walking on the mountains and if you don’t want to do a lot of hiking you can hike from Gimmelwald to Mürren, it’s only 55 minutes The views are amazing, and it’s not tiring or steep at all! And then I went back to the cable car stop where one car was coming down from Mürren And the second one was coming up at the same time from the base to Gimmelwald! And from this point, I took a cable car to Mürren, which was my last stop for the day! As Müren is a big, popular and commercial village I found a lot many tourists here! Finally, I am at Mürren village and this place is covered with clouds and I’ve seen Switzerland before in sunny time and it looks amazing in clouds as well, and I am getting a proper hill station to feel! Other than tourist groups, I also saw a lot of hotels and lodges. Along with all this, I also saw a small wooden church! There were some souvenir shops as well, some fancy restaurants, an amazing classic mountain hotel with a nice valley view, and in the end was a funicular to go to the next three stops which were closed that day probably because of bad weather! However, after exploring the village for some time.It was now time to head back! And this was Gimmelwald and Mürren and now I am going back to Interlaken . to drop my umbrella as I borrowed it from my hostel! And to go back to Interlaken, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving or on a train, the route is quite similar and both options take somewhat the same time! And the entire expenditure for day 1 in Interlaken, is on your screen right now. And the brand ambassador of Interlaken is supposed to be the legendary Yash Chopra and there’s a statue behind me. Obviously, no one has made Switzerland popular in India more than this person. And now I’m in the mood for exploring some DDLJ sites And we will do something like this from the next episode! So I hope guys, you liked this relaxed episode and if so, don’t forget to hit the like button! And for more video from around the world, hit the subscribe button and the bell icon!

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