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hiking Trail 5 Margalla Hills Islamabad


Asalam O Alaikum (Hello) Today’s story is that we are here for hiking. I have Abdul Wahab here with me. Hello, guys Today we had to come on our bike as our car had some issues. Oh yes, baby Pir Sohawa is on the top of this route and it is approx. 4.5 km Expected time 1 hr 10 minutes Steep climb consisting of rocks is hard, tough A stream will also come along in the way, and also a spring rest areas are also there. Trail 3 and 5 are also there and rattan hotar also they come somewhere along the way 0.1 kilometers how quickly we covered this distance. Didn’t even feel anything This is the Mosque here. There is no place to perform wudhu(Ablution) so do it before coming here. We have started our Hike. Our initial plan was to have Halwa Puri breakfast from Gujranwala Sweets before coming here. but he had an issue that he could receive natures call any time So, we didn’t have any breakfast so we’ll do it on our way back There are no washrooms here. Neither any place for doing number two (poop). Do it at your home before coming. A lot of space to do it in open There’s no water and it doesn’t look nice. Some things have to be done in the boundaries of decency. So, you can bring snacks along the way. We’ve brought biscuits and Oranges with us. We’ll eat it after reaching the top Started feeling breathless And, We were on the bike so had to wear warm jackets now we’ve started feeling hot So, as I’ve told before Wear a lightweight Jacket so you may not feel cold and it would be easy to carry. Take it off and tie it. Majjay Bhollay k ma jay (مجے! بھولے کے مجے) This has 2 advantages. It covers your backside. Secondly, you won’t feel hot.


And it protects you from heat. Respect & Disrespect saved at the same time. Yes! Both are saved at the same time. Its a bit muddy along the way. Kindly, don’t come right after a rain. So, Talha how are you feeling after so many days? I feel proud of you. and you were talking about a telefilm? Yes, I need 2 people for that. OK! One character for the film and a cameraman. I already have the cameraman film that will be made at night. We can keep Asad Bhai for it.(Oh YEAH) It’s a family telefilm but it will be shot at night OK! Sir, spare some time for me before going back. Sure. This track on which we are walking now is easier than track 3. There is not much steepness. it has rocks, more dirt. You can see the rocks for yourselves. Pointed rocks. Wear shoes with a good sole so you can walk easily and stones won’t hurt you. 1 Kilometer distance covered. Rawal Dam can be seen from here Very small Now you’re feeling hot my son 🙂 We’ve hiked for about 3-4 kilometers up till now. and we’ve had enough for now. Slowly our clothes have started coming off. Also, one thing. Drinkable water is not easily available along the way. The guy selling oranges had some water too. He was there for some time. He isn’t always there. Dehydration is an issue here.No stream water here. Dehydration is an issue so take all precautions. ..and keeps snacks with you also. What happened to you, would you like to say something? Deep breathes deep breathe Burst of laughter. You have said everything in this. One more thing remaining. Spitting (یخ تھو):D 😀 😀 Brust of laughter. We’ve come so far and monkeys took our biscuits and ripped our bag Losing biscuits were fine but the bag part was sad. The bag is also fine. You know what I mean.


There are some scratches on my wrist. At least, it was adventurous. Whenever you come here, don’t keep any edibles open. Means don’t keep where monkies can see it. Even if they see empty wrappers, monkies will attack you. They attacked his hand and the bag also. Now I think, we’ve had enough Secondly, the boy has to go Oh Yaas baby 😛 So, we’re going back now since we came late, we cant go much further. due to less time available. Mobile Vibratesbzzzzzz bzzzzz What’s wrong with the light. Clap. Today’s story is that we’ve done as much hiking as we could. The problem is that we didn’t have any breakfast In the morning, we couldn’t have it due to some issues. ..and the confectioner (حلوائی) is not our relative that he will keep his shop open for us till dusk. I had to go to Khadda Market Islamabad from Trail 5. and the reason for going to Khadda Market was to check on my car which was to be fixed. The issue with my car was 2 days ago when I was driving through Islamabad, my car’s timing belt broke. In EFI cars and Diesel Engine cars, as the Timing belt breaks, don’t try to start the car. If it’s running, then stop the car. If it breaks you will immediately know it’s broken. And when you will turn on the ignition, it won’t start. Because the timing belt is already broken. We non-technical people won’t know the issue. I had given the car to fix the issue, so I had to pick the car. and reach home afterward. There, I had to spare some time for it. So I asked Abdul Wahab to drop my camera at my place, and go to the wedding he was supposed to attend. Hence, I couldn’t properly end the vlog there. So, I am doing it now. At trial 5, we couldn’t make it to the top you know to reason very well. Abdul Wahab had to go to a wedding. Next time In Shaa Allah if I’ll live to see the day we will make it to the top and show you the whole view of Islamabad from there. So, next time we’ll meet at some other exciting place with a new Vlog Till then, Allah Hafiz. The End (‎ختم شد)

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