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Bus trip To Himalayan


Its 6:30 am The bus has reached somewhere near Narkanda (Himachal Pradesh) Some of the bus passengers are getting fresh and some are having breakfast at this Dhaba/Restaurant Till now the bus journey (from Delhi) was comfortable Air-conditioning and recliner seats added to the comfort A small road stretch between Parwanoo (Himachal border) to Solan was not good Road widening work was going on there My bus driver started driving fast after entering Himachal Pradesh He is a local. He must be knowing the roads better than us, but.. ..but his fast driving on curves made us uncomfortable We will be reaching Rampur Bushahar in another couple of hours I just came to know that our bus staff has left one of the passengers at the restaurant. The passenger called the driver on his mobile to intimate about this In such situations, it’s recommended to inform the conductor or fellow passengers That passenger was inside the toilet when the bus left him Now he will have to struggle to get his luggage which is left in this bus The bus trip is soon going to terminate in Rampur So, always stay in touch with the bus staff Now both the bus conductor and driver are leveling allegations at each other for leaving the passenger Where are you going? MY GRAND MOTHER’S PLACE How far is the place? ITS NEAR Will you be walking to her place? NO, BY BUS WE WILL CATCH A BLUE BUS TO REACH HER PLACE Don’t play with that What is your name, by the way? Come near to the camera and tell No… no. Don’t touch it MY NAME IS ……. I didn’t get you Louder please it’s SO HOT HERE We have almost reached Rampur CAN THIS CAMERA TAKE A VIDEO? Yes 🙂 ONLY STILL OR VIDEO? it can take both My camera lens is dirty “ATTENTION PLEASE!!Delhi to Rampur bus has now reached its destination” “We have left one of our passengers in a toilet.


We regret the inconvenience caused” “Though he should have informed somebody before going to the toilet” “we wish you a comfortable journey ahead” Thanks to you It’s 8:30 am We left Delhi yesterday at 7:30 pm This is Rampur’s Bus stand I can see a lot of private and Government buses going to different places Let me ask somebody about my next bus I am searching for the Enquiry counter Brother, where is the inquiry counter? THAT SIDE Thanks 🙂 Can you see the people wearing the Green colored cap? This type of cap is called ‘Kinnauri’ Cap a Few years back I also purchased one for me Where is the Enquiry counter? OVER THERE Where is the inquiry counter? inquiry… inquiry…. inquiry… is this the inquiry counter? It’s written clearly, still, I am bothering people How should I go to Kaza? YOU WILL GET A DIRECT BUS TO KAZA AT 7 AM FROM RECKONING PEO PEO TO KAZA WILL TAKE ATLEAST 10 HOURS ITS ALL HILLY TERRAIN Doest it means, today I have to halt at Reckong Peo? YES From here I have to go to Reckong Peo From Peo I will get a direct bus to Kaza Though the information which I have got is not very clear I wanted to know – How do I get the seats of my choice? I am still at the Rampur bus terminal In the morning, I used the restaurant’s washroom near Narkanda Now, I have just brushed my teeth here Refilled this water bottle from a tap, but not for drinking I have washed my face, etc… and now ready for the next lap You can also use the public facilities at these Bus Stands, usually available for free This is Rampur’s HRTC Bus Stand A bus going to Reckong Peo is already full The next bus will come in another half an hour Till then I am going to have breakfast at this place I am going to have ‘Gobhi ka Parantha’ for Rs 20 at this restaurant Please use very less oil I am waiting for the Parantha. Coffee is arranged from that shop This is my breakfast My eyes are tired because of the sleepless night This Parantha is from the famous ‘Paranthe wali Gali’ from Chandni Chowk (Old Delhi) And this coffee is from Starbucks 😉 Coffee for Rs. 15 and Parantha for Rs. 20 THE BUS HAS COME My bus has arrived and I am still eating It’s going to leave.


I have to rush THAT’S YOUR BUS Thanks for the tasty Paranthas 🙂 This is my bus This bus is coming from Dharmshala and going to Thangi via Reckong Peo God knows where ‘Thangi’ is! I am sitting in the front, on my favorite seat. ..because you get the best view from these seats In a short while we will reach one of the most dangerous roads stretches in India This is Nathpa Jhakri Hydel Power Project It was India’s largest hydel power project till a few years back Now it is probably on the 4th position The biggest project is in Tehri, Uttarakhand The Nathpa Jhakri Dam is built on River Satluj The River is flowing somewhere there This highway is renamed from NH-22 to NH-5 Today I didn’t get chance to take a bath I have been traveling since yesterday But I think, it’s ok. Nothing wrong, if you don’t bath for a day 😉 I am at a village called Badhal a Few years back, when I was on a bike ride to Kinnaur on my Thunderbird.. .. it got dark and one of the locals of this village offered his place to stay I was trying to reach Spiti on that trip That house is on the way. This is the last village of District Shimla and after that will start Kinnaur

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