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A Visit of Shanghai


Hey guys! Can you guess where I’m taking you today? Let’s go to Shanghai. So guys, definitely one of the things that I find very striking about Shanghai is just its very metropolitan and fashionable, elegant feel. This is my friend Jane, this is her store.JANE: Hello everyone! And you’re from Beijing? JANE: Yes, I’m from Beijing but living in Shanghai right now. It’s a very very busy, grand city Yeah, it’s very beautiful, very elegant. Yeah. Lots of old architectures and also old trees Jane has picked out some outfits for me to try on. And, yeah let’s see what you picked out!JANE: Ok! Okay, I think that I found the dress. Let’s go I have just come over to the Pudong area of Shanghai. This area was up until very recently, one of the poorest areas of Shanghai. And it was the site of just a lot of slums and it was actually where the gang lords lived. And then a revival started in this area, and now it is home to some of the highest skyscrapers in the world. So definitely quite the turnaround! Trying to find how to get… This tower is actually the tallest observation deck in the world it is the 2nd tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest, but the observation deck of this one is actually quite a bit higher (than the Burj Khalifa’s). It is crazy to look at some of these super tall buildings, and we are SO far above even them! Like this one over here. That is another extremely tall building, and we are so far above it. It’s just crazy. It almost feels like we’re hovering in an airplane right now because this is so far off the ground. The top of the tower was great! I actually was not going to stay for sunset, because I thought maybe I would walk around the area a little bit more But then I saw that view and the sun kind of starting to set a little bit, and I decided I could not miss it! Because when’s the next time that I’m ever going to get a chance to see such a magnificent sunset? It was a little cloudy, but amazing. I did a time-lapse for about 40 minutes waiting for the Pearl Tower to turn on. And I didn’t manage to catch it. But it eventually turned on, it was just very late. Later than all the other buildings! It’s almost 9:00 so I have to hurry back. My Cinderella day (laugh).


It’s just because Jane’s shop closes, and I want to get her the clothes back since she so was so nice to loan me them. Do you see how amazing this skyline is? I’m so happy right now! I definitely have a big thing for cities and skylines and lights at night Shanghai is awesome. And I keep looking up at this building! And I just can’t believe that I was all the way up there just now! Look at that. (laughs) That’s insane! I am in Shanghai’s old town right now. The architecture is so incredible. I’m heading to the Yu Gardens and trying to get there before it gets too busy. So I’m going early in the morning right as they open. Just been walking around the garden for about 5 minutes and it’s already incredibly beautiful. Yu Garden literally translates to a happy garden and I can definitely see why anyone would be happy taking a walk in here! It was built in 1559 and it was actually built by a man as kind of a gift to his elderly parents as a place for them to relax in their old age As a token of appreciation and his love for them. Which I thought is a pretty cool story. A pond that is bright green, with weeping willows and rocks, you can walk over it. I’m going to leave the gardens now, I think I’ve walked around all of them a bunch of times and tried to get a lot of great shots for you guys without too many people. There are a lot of people here. Good morning guys! So, just walking around the area that I am staying right now.


It is so pretty! A very interesting part of Shanghai’s history is that it actually was not a big city until the mid-1800s, about. When Britain actually realized how wealthy China was decided that they wanted some of that wealth. So consequentially, they went to war with China. And that led to the Treaty of Nanking, which basically just allowed Britain to trade freely at certain ports in China. One of which was Shanghai. And that just led to Shanghai becoming this very glamorous, metropolitan epicenter. One of the most glamorous locations in the world at that time! And many people from Europe wanted to move to Shanghai. Also, that led to there being small sections of the city that were kind of made into miniature little versions of the U.S. or France or Japan, or some other countries. So this, where I am now, is probably the most famous of those. It is the former French Concession So it was basically made to look like alittle mini France, and it actually does really remind me of Paris. It’s very pretty. A lot of these big enormous buildings that you see here were actually people’s homes, their private villas. And now they’ve been turned into businesses, doctor’s offices, hotels, all sorts of things. But it’s just such a lovely area to walk around. I am walking on the Bund right now! The Bund is basically an avenue along the river with views of the skyline of Shanghai. Definitely one of the most popular places in Shanghai to come. I’ve seen a lot of videos with it before, but obviously I had to see it for myself. And it is lined with beautiful colonial buildings. I definitely feel like I’m somewhere in Europe. I’m about to go on a very strange metro ride here called the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. And… I’ve actually been told that this is awful and not to do it, but… I just have to see what it’s all about. So let’s go! Oh my gosh. That was really bad. Um, actually worse than I was expecting (laugh) They were just saying random words on the speakers And I was laughing because at one point they just randomly said “hell” ?? Not something that I recommends you do, just see it in my video, and believe me that’s good enough. It actually looks better on the camera than it does in real life. And it was 50 RMB! I’m really not sure what I even just saw, I’m a little dizzy now… Let’s go back upstairs. Hey guys! This is Alan!ALAN: Hey guys! What’s this?ALAN: Its the marriage market. The Marriage Market!ALAN: For you! (laughing) You can find your Mr. Right here. In this paper, it’s mainly about a girl who is literally a local in Shanghai. She’s about 30 years old, and she’s 1.63 (meters) That’s – (laughs) very detailed information! And she graduated from a very reputable college. She has a degree of master, which is really great.JORDAN: Oh, wow. Yeah. She has a great job as well. She has a great job. And you can see all of her requirements for the Mr. Right. She’s finding. JORDAN: Wow. So they list their requirementsALAN: Yes. But this guy says it’s not allowed to photo here. This guy, I think he is really, really good. Because he is an IT engineering expert A salary over 300,000 Chinese RMB! – It actually says the salary number? – Yes. It’s true.- Wow And, he has great promotion potential!- Wow, it’s such details huh? He has a private house. Does he have his own house? Yes. In Shanghai. Wow!- Wow. You can check him out. (laughs) Eligible man here ladies! (laughing) The most important part! It’s about the requirements for his… desired lady. Can I say that?- Yeah! She should be at LEAST 170 meters (5’5).- Oh, there’s a height requirement? This is a good one.


It’s about a girl who is living in Shanghai right now who works a bank. Salary 400,000 Chinese RMB per year! Even more than the last guy!- Even more than the last guy! I think they are meant to be a couple! (laughing) They’re both in the financial industry, right? And she has an apartment in Shanghai for herself. Wow, maybe we should match-make those two! The guy over over there…- Yes Requirements for the Mr. Right. He must be honest and responsible. Wow, that’s very simple. This is the girl’s requirements?- Yes. So you notice the man’s requirements are a certain height, looks, hers is just, to be honest. – Yes.That’s very sweet actually Because some of the information is very personal, they don’t want a lot of cameras there So I couldn’t film a lot, but that was really interesting! Thanks for being the translator! I was surprised, actually, everybody seemed like a very eligible – I don’t know – like a good match! Or maybe they’re just exaggerating, who knows. The people that are being a match made aren’t actually here it’s their parents here.- And their relatives. Oh, okay, their relatives like aunts and uncles?- Yes. And people do this because there’s a lot of pressure to marry by the time you’re 30, right? Yes. Their relatives and parents will have pushed them to the marriage market because they want to have babies in their next generation. And you can find out whether that person is suitable for you, or if he or she is lying… Well, then you can see it. Just pretty much like Tinder, except a little more involvement with the parents. But actually very similar! Okay, guys, I hope that you liked the video today in Shanghai! I know that I really loved this city, so if you get a chance to visit then you definitely should! Or if you already have, tell me how it was for you in the comments below And I will see you next time in some surprise locations coming up! See you there! Thank you for watching it. Bye! One last view!

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