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A Guide to Khuzdar


Hey Guys. We had come tooooohuzdar So we thought, let’s make a Guide. Have you ever had breakfast in a hospital? Ok guys, so The Scenes Are As Such that we are present here in the SIGHT area in ‘Kulsum Bhai Wali’ Hospital What will you do by going alone? This is not a place that can be enjoyed alone. And I’m not alone, I’m here with a lot of people. My name is Rizwan My name is Mazz My name is Aamir My name is Uzair And I amĀ  Ahmed My name is Danyal Danyal why are you having breakfast here. Because this…… is my Mother’s hospital. What we ate in breakfast. At least, hear that out. We’ve been selling this for around 25 years Since the time of Colonel Shah Ok People like this and the poor people come here to eat 10 rupees chickpeas and 1 roti (bread) This entire area is poor, this Pathan colony. All poor people come here Right So all the people have been loaded onto this high roof And…. we are taking the Habb and Winder route to Khuzdar Currently two boys have gone to take some money from the ATM If they don’t get robbed on the way, then we’ll get going You’re going on a road trip right, so there can be a puncture But there’s no need to worry. Be relaxed. We are near Winder And the tyre is burst completely So we can’t repair it. We do have a spare tyre But if anything happens to spare tyre, then we’ll be in big trouble And when you’re going on a road trip like this, keeping two extra tyres, I mean, is not necessary It is not necessary It is not necessary… but I’d say it’s better to keep them The mountain that you’re seeing behind me is Khuzdar We are at 5 to 6 minute distance from Khuzdar.


We have stopped here to take some drone shots Aamir Bhai has also come with us So Aamir Bhai’s drone games are also Not Coming Slow Look, it’s not necessary. It is not necessary at all But, all the money is for the Drone I want to go to the bathroom, but I won’t go now I will only go in Khuzdar. I don’t want to do it in the open We’re here, this is Khuzdar. We have come to the SAARC Hotel A little before the SAARC Hotel, there was a Chamruk petrol pump here There was a restaurant and a washroom there So I mean the situation is now relaxed We’ll go drink some Chai Tea and get fresh and when it’s time we’ll have food *cross talk* Let’s freshen up here and then we’ll go have Lunch in an hour or so Ok guys, so The Scenes Are As Such that right now the time is 6:44 pm The power will come at around 7:00 pm and then go out again by 1:00 am And then there won’t be any power throughout the night Then it will be back by 7:00 am and then go out again by 1:00 pm Throughout the day, the power goes out for 12 hours and then is back for 12 hours All the people had been introduced, but two were left out This is Rafique brother and this is Baba. Since the morning we’ve only had breakfast. If you’ve come to Khuzdar and haven’t tried their Sajji, then why have you come to Khuzdar So we’re going to eat Sajji now. And Aamir Bhai’s condition is very delicate right now. We’ve eaten the Sajji. The chicken Sajji was very good The mutton one wasn’t delicious But everyone’s saying that the mutton didn’t have any smell either so that’s a good thing. Mutton was just fine The chicken Sajji was very good. And now… Your brother is about to try Kahwa for the first time *cross talk* People comment sometimes that why are you drinking with your left hand So I’m drinking with my right hand When I visited Turkey, I tried their tea there. This tastes just like that. This is good.


Those who haven’t tried Kahwa should definitely try it. I’m sure everyone would have tried it All the money is for ‘Kahwa’ Rafique brother, how do you say ‘The scenes are as such’ in Balochi “Scenes Sharray” By scenes we mean…. ‘Environment’ How do you say that in Balochi. ‘How is the Environment’ “Mahol Sharray” My name is Irfan, I’m currently in Khuzdar and scenes ‘Sharray’ And after scenes Sharray, get up early We didn’t just come here to eat Sajji. Today we’re going to the waterfall The waterfall we’re going to today is called Moola Chotak Moola Chotok (pronunciation) Not Chotak Nor Chutok Moola Chotok It’s not possible to walk to the the waterfall, a four by four will take us And after that there’s a little bit of swimming I skipped this detail back at home Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten the permission to go, as I don’t know swimming. We have Rizwan here with us right now Rizwan is quite accustomed to this place He has visited this place a couple of times before Rizwan tell us what is the situation right now At present, we’re going to go have breakfast. After that we’re going to be driving off road for 4 hours And after that (if god willing) we will reach Moola And then finally, we will go Chill at our Destination Breakfast is done. We had eggs with Paratha(bread) From Quetta Taj Mahal Hotel And now we’ll get going for Moola Chotok The people are looking at me and probably thinking, “Who is this idiot talking to the camera” This is Anwar Bhai Anwar Bhai loves only two things Talking on the phone and Listening to the songs of Pankaj Udhas I’ve said this before as well that all the money is for the drone Aamir Bhai, please send the drone high in the sky.


By the time Rafique Bhai and Baba are taking selfies You can get yourself refresh a little. Refreshed enough? Ok then let’s get going Maaz said that as we stop our car, the waterfall will be right in front of us But we have to do quite a bit of trekking now I’ve come here in slippers So if I fall, my face will break as well as my camera All of this is the fault of Maaz Tanveer He showed us some video from YouTube We’ve been mislead (sarcasm) by showing us videos of Amsterdam and Belgium Is the Waterfall even here? It’s evidence of existence is not seen anywhere around here In all of Moola Chotok only we have brought a life jacket Ok so Maaz told me that bringing a life jacket is necessary But it is not necessary to tell that back home A lot of people told me not to come here It’s unsafe don’t go But your bro is simply a player of danger A couple of years ago the Khuzdar area was a no go area No one could come here And now The Scenes ‘here’ Are As Such No, no… Scenes Sharray. A person does not go to a place like this everyday So, hello how are you Wish you were here.

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